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Hi 親愛的朋友您好,

我是Gymirin 的創辦人 Calvin,我在2019年取得四大國際教練執照中的兩張 -- NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)及 ACE (American Council on Exercise),這兩張證照強調正確的健身飲食、醫療矯正觀念結合不同目標的訓練該如何設計!

如果您對於NASM,ACE 的訓練感到好奇、有健身上的疑問。歡迎預約免費諮詢時間。
一次諮詢為30分鐘 (保證不推銷產品及課程),單純以分享的態度跟大家交流意見!


Hi everyone,

I am Calvin, the founder of Gymirin. I have been working out since 2010. With 9 years of training, I have learned so much not only training but also physiology kinesiology and nutrition. I hope I can inspire you and become a better person. Furthermore, I got my ACE-CPT(American Council on Exercising) and NASM-CPT(National Academy of Sports Medicine) in 2019. I am currently running my own training program in the area of cutting and bulking and even posture adjustment like rounded shoulders, hunchback, kyphosis, swayback, anterior pelvic tilt, forward head and so on. If you are looking for a healthy life change or a completely big transformation, do not hesitate and fill out this form. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks.

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