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Yearbook Application
Thank you for your interest in Yearbook at Newport Middle School! In order to be considered for the class, we need you to please fill out this application by Monday, April 15th.

**Parents, please do not fill out the application for your child. Thank you.

Yearbook is a class where we use teamwork and cooperation in order to create a yearbook for the school. There are many different aspects involved and students need to be willing to be self motivated in order to meet deadlines and create a finished product that is to the best of their abilities. Students will be required to take photos around the school and at school events, be assigned to teams to work on completing pages, and have different jobs throughout the year. Grades for this class are determined through how well you work with your team, completing tasks by the assigned deadline, and assisting on other projects throughout the year.

First and Last Name *
School Email *
Have you been in yearbook in the past? *
Which extracurricular activities do you participate in throughout the year? (Check all that apply) *
What grade will you be going into in the fall? *
Tell us why you want to be in Yearbook next year? (Please answer in three to four complete sentences.) *
What area are you most interested in being your primary area of focus on the yearbook staff and why? (Photography, editing names or typos, organizing pages and where the photos/captions go, writing captions and page descriptions, scheduling who takes what pictures when, getting advertisements from local businesses, photo booth organization for dances) *
Do you have experience with online photo editing programs such as Photoshop? *
Write a paragraph describing what it means to be a good teammate. *
Imagine you are in yearbook class. Your group is falling behind on deadlines and there is disagreement about the page layout and pictures available. How do you respond to your teammates in order to get the page done and without hurting anyone's feelings? (Please answer in a paragraph.)
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