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Letter of Recommendation Request Form (Mia Zamora, PhD)
To request a letter of recommendation, please fill out this form with as much information as can be provided.
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Have I submitted a recommendation letter for you in the past?
If yes, please provide the context and year of the prior recommendation.
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About the Recommendation
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Scholarship, Academic Degree Program, Employment Position, Internship, Study Abroad, etc.
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If yes, please clearly indicate how these forms will get to me (i.e., dropped off in my office or in my department mailbox, or mailed to me through the postal service, etc.)
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Letter submission details:
Please provide any additional details or information that will be needed to submit my letter(s). If you have a long list of programs or addresses, please feel free to submit a link to a Google document.
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About You
List all the courses you have taken with me. *
Please provide: the course name, the course section, the year taken, and the final grade received.
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Please provide two examples of your demonstrated academic excellence. *
You can describe your contributions to a particular class discussion or you can explain how a course assignment or project has affected the way you consider or approach your research inquiries. Please, be as specific as you would like.
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Please, share a copy of your resume/CV with me through Google Drive. *
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If applicable, please share with me a copy of the personal statement or cover letter that will be submitted with the application through Google Drive.
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Why are you pursuing this opportunity and what strengths, experience, and/or qualifications do you bring to it? *
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If it has been over a year since you last took a course with me, please fill me in on what you have been doing since the last time we saw each other.
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Please, feel free to share with me any additional information you believe is important or that I should know.
Are there any specific skills or kinds of experience I have observed that you would like me to emphasize? Is there any perspective I can provide that other letter writers may not be able to provide?
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