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The Korea Daily 16th Online College Fair(Sep 25) - Registration
* 16th Online College Fair _YouTube Live Streaming
* Main Event Date: Sep. 25, 2021 / Keynote Speaker: UC Irvine, NYU
* Contents Series: Oct. 2nd & 9th, 2021
* Time: 10:00 AM (PST, 미국 서부기준)
* Contact us at (213) 368-2518 / (213) 637-7145 or

아시안 커뮤니티 최대 교육행사인 "2021년 중앙일보 온라인 칼리지페어"가 9월 25일(토)에 실시간으로 열립니다.
동영상은 중앙일보 홈페이지, 중앙일보 교육포털(과 유튜브를 통해 생중계 됩니다. 사전등록자는 행사 당일 추첨을 통해 MacBook Air, iPad, AirPods, McDoanld's 기프트카드 등 푸짐한 경품을 드립니다.

*프로그램 기사 보기:

새롭게 기획한 'Contents Series'를 통해 10월 2, 9일(토) 입시 전략 관련 콘텐트가 업로드됩니다. 생방송 경품 추첨과 별도로 AirPods 등 경품을 드릴 예정입니다.

*사전 등록 특혜*
- 9월 25일(토) 생방송 경품 추첨 기회 제공
- 아래의 답변양식에 입력한 이메일로 고유번호(ID)가 담긴 확인 이메일이 회신됩니다.
- 해당 고유번호가 귀하의 경품추첨 번호로 활용될 예정이니 이메일을 보관해 주세요.
(중복접수 확인시, 상품 수여기회 박탈)
- 사전등록 후 3일내 등록 이메일이 없을 때 kdcollegefair@gmail.com으로 연락주세요.


"16th The Korea Daily College Fair", the largest college education conference in Asian-American, will be aired live on September 25th(SAT), 2021. You may watch the webinar live via The Korea Daily's website ( or The Korea Daily's education newspaper( Those who register prior to the fair will have a chance to win sweepstakes of MacBook Air, iPad, AirPods Pro, and McDonald's gift cards.

That's not it! In 'The College Fair Contents Series', 5 college admission related video clips will be uploaded at The Korea Daily's Youtube channel on October 2nd and 9th (Sat) in order. You will also have a chance to win AirPods Pro for watching the Contents Series!

If you complete the registration, you will receive the confirmation email with the confirmation number, and this will be your number to enter the sweepstakes for the fair on September 25th, 2021. So, if you do not receive any email from us in 3 days after the registration, please email

Thank you for your registration! We will all see you on September 25th, 10AM (PST)!
Participant Name/ 성명 *
[9/25 10:00 AM] Program
[10/2,9 10:00 AM] Contents Series
Student Grade /자녀의 학년 *
State of residence / 거주지역 (CA, NY, DC, ATL 등 주(State)로 표기, 미국 외 지역 등록의 경우 해당국가를 적어주세요, If you are registering out side of U.S., please write down your country of residence) *
Parents Email / 학부모 이메일 (경품추첨을 위한 고유번호(ID)가 발송됩니다. Confirmation number will be sent for the sweepstakes) *
Phone Number / 전화번호 *
How did you know our College Fair? / 칼리지페어를 알게 된 경로 *
The Korea Daily may use above information for any lawful purpose, including such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, receiving an education Newsletter email and online content. *
The Korea Daily may share above information for any lawful and educational purpose with third party entities, such as college and education institutions, of college fair
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Thank you. See you at the fair (Any Comment) !
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