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Application for Supervisors
We are looking for enthusiastic and committed workers to help make our May Ball a magical experience. Whether you want to take charge as a Supervisor, attend half the May Ball for absolutely free as a Half-On/Half-Off Worker or earn some quick cash as Clean Up, the Emmanuel May Ball could be the right place for you!
Please only apply if you are available for the event on the night of 16th June and you will be able to attend a training event on either 12th or 13th June. Please note that, if selected, you will be required to complete a contract and provide deposit cheques.
Applications open 27th January and close 21st April 2019. Please do try and get your application in before the Easter holidays though!

Supervisors (£99)
This role is crucial in the smooth running of the May Ball. We are looking for impressive applicants with excellent leadership and managerial roles, preferably with experience. Working hours are 20:45 – 06:15. Available positions are Court Supervisors, Ents Supervisors and Food/Drink Supervisors and all involve overseeing our half-on/half-off workers. We will also select one Super-Supervisor to liaise between the Supervisors and the Staffing Officer, who will be paid a higher rate.

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