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Angel Request-Bronson Children's Hospital 5K
September 29, 2019
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Note: This event offers a Promo Code for Angels
The Angel promo code for this event is 9357. Use this code when registering at the host event sign-up page for a discount off the registration fee. The Bronson Children's Hospital 5K race administrator will verify offered promo codes against a myTEAM TRIUMPH participant list.
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This is a 5K run. Please provide your pace per mile for this distance. MyTeam Triumph makes an effort to team Angels with others of similar pace.
Angel Team Members
If you would like to team with specific Angels for this event, please share their names here (while we cannot guarantee teaming arrangements, we will do our best to honor your request):
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If you would like to team with a specific Captain for this event, please share his or her name here (while we cannot guarantee teaming arrangements, we will do our best to honor your request):
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I plan on walking or running in Bronson Children’s Hospital Walk & Run. I am physically able to participate in this event. No person or company is responsible if I am injured during this event. I will not hold Bronson Healthcare Group, the County of Kalamazoo or the City of Kalamazoo responsible if I am injured. You may use my name and any pictures of me in any news about the event. This includes print, video and online. All the information I have provided about myself in this waiver is true.
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As a charity organization, myTEAM TRIUMPH relies on donations from Angels, family, friends, employers, etc. Your donation here, directed to myTEAM TRIUMPH, will cover the typical registration fee you pay on an event's signup website, whether it be for this event, or another if this event is comped. Any additional donation amount here will support our mission of enabling individuals with disabilities to participate in endurance athletics. MyTEAM TRIUMPH will cover total event registration requirements for our participant list via one lump sum payment. The minimum event registration fee will typically preclude any packet materials provided by event sponsors, including event shirt.
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