The Poly Pool Party Liquidation is Cancelled...
Please come to Ann G's in Oakland TUES 6/20!!

It is with a heavy heart (and something of a sigh of relief) that I am cancelling the Poly Pool Party Liquidation scheduled for June 24th. Given the impending sale of my home of 21 years, and all the sorting, packing, cleaning, and repairing, I have found that dealing with the creaky pool system -- even with help from Akien and so many friends - is proving to be an insurmountable task. I never succeeded in keeping the heater on for the workdays last week. :( So when I walked outside the other day to find a fountain of water spewing from my pump in all directions I knew that I was (nearly literally!) in over my head, as well as beyond my financial means.

I’m sorry. I really WANTED it to happen. You know that saying “your eyes were bigger than your stomach?” Well, my desire to be with YOU all one more time, and to see my pool full of happy people was greater than my ability to deliver that.

Please note that SWIMMING at the East Bay Poly Potluck *IS* still happening TUES 6/20, at Ann Glucroft’s in Oakland. Information is here in FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/310455992742229/
and here in Meetup:
So even though I can’t see you in MY pool one last time, perhaps I can see you over at Ann’s tomorrow? Space is limited, so PLEASE RSVP to that one somehow!

The pool parties have meant so much to me over the years, I just can’t express it all. YOU have all meant so much to me! I am crying as I write this.

For full announcement and more information, please read the whole letter on the PPP FAQ page:

My true apologies for being a tease. I hope you are all well, and I hope to see at least some of you tomorrow at Ann's!