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Note to Self Coloring Book and Zine Feedback Form
Feedback form for the Note to Self Coloring Book and Zine Project via the UC Riverside Healthy Campus Initiative Grant
Does this project contribute towards a campus cultural shift or messaging of support, self-acceptance, and de-stigmatization of topics like mental health and sexual violence?
Does this project help to increase practices of self-care in the UCR community?
On a scale of 1-5, prior to this project, what has been your awareness of the mental health and wellness resources available on the UC Riverside campus?
No awareness
Highest amount of awareness
One a scale of 1-5, has this project contributed to more knowledge or awareness of mental health, wellness, or support resources available to you on the UC Riverside campus?
No, it has not increased my awareness at all
Yes, it has increased my awareness of resources
Is there any additional feedback you would like to provide?
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