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#Wiff2019 Registration
June 14th - 15th 2019

Games begin Friday evening, and run all day Saturday!

214 Barracuda Ave SE
Avon, MN 56310
The Huberty Household


- $5 entry fee per player is required to be paid before the team's first game. (Food and drink provided to the players during the tournament). ALL PLAYERS MUST PAY (even subs and extras).

- Teams must have 4 players (must be going into 8th grade or older).

- Teams can be mixed boys and girls, but don't have to be.

- Each team will play a minimum of two games. First one will be played on Friday (the 14th) in the late afternoon/evening. Games will run all day on Saturday.

- Bats and balls will be provided and used by all teams.

- Standard baseball and softball gloves are allowed. Most players prefer not to use them though.

- No cleats allowed.

- Alcohol is allowed to be brought in. MUST BE AGE 21 AND UP (Obviously, let's be smart here). Players and spectators can be asked to leave at any time with no refunded entry fee.

Avon Wiffle Ball Tournament Rules:

- Games will be 6 innings. 2 outs per half inning.

- A ball hit into a tree in fair territory and lands in fair territory will be played live.

- A ball is hit into a tree in fair territory and lands foul it will be played as a foul ball.

- If a ball is hit into a tree in foul territory and lands fair it will still be played as a foul ball.

- The ball can be caught off any tree for an out.

- Umpire can be anybody that isn't currently playing in that game but teams must agree on the individual. They have authority over all calls.

- Balls must be hit past the "Cheap Shot" line; any ball that doesn't make it past the line is a foul ball.

- Ball in play can be thrown at base runners to get them out. Also known as “sniping”.

- Runners can’t leave the base until the ball is hit.

- Pitching is to be “reasonable hitting speed” (sort of like slowpitch softball, but overhand). Which is determined by third party watching the game. Pitchers are still allowed to make the ball move in any way they can.

- 10 run rule after 4 innings.

- 6 run rule per inning except for the 6th inning.

- 3 strike/4 ball counts are used. When a batter receives four balls, the count resets and they DON’T get first base.

- Defensive substitutions are free. Pitching changes can be made as necessary as well.

- Batting order should be kept the same for the entire half inning. If a team wishes to sub a batter, they can only enter the next half inning. Baserunning should be adjusted to accommodate the lineup.

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*If you don't have a full team* Add the players' names that wish to play in the tournament. Still required to pay. We will build as many teams possible with this pool of players! Please still add a phone number! Everyone that signs up here will be on a team!
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