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Indigemama Workshop Survey
With each workshop, participants leave suggestions, comments and feedback to help evolve this interchange. Please be honest, and answer each question to your highest capacity. Thanks for blossoming and moving forward with Indigemama!
Full name
Mailing address (Required if there is a certificate being mailed)
*MUST have attended the course in it's entirety (NO late arrivals/skipped days)
1. How did you learn about this workshop?
2. How do you currently practice natural healing?
3. What is your occupation?
Why have you considered alternative healing practices versus modern medicine?
5. Why are you attending this workshop?
6. How would you rate Panquetzani's effectiveness in communicating lessons?
needs improvement
7. Content was easy to understand and follow...
strongly disagree
strongly agree
8. The value of what i learned is worth the cost of the workshop
9. Having children present made it challenging to stay focused...
strongly disagree
strongly agree
Add on your thoughts on sharing your stories/attending this workshop w/ other women.
11. What is the most inspiring thing you learned?
12. How often do you visit a physician throughout the year, and what is that experience like?
What topics would you like to hear more about? Any suggestions for future Indigemama courses?
What organizations, spaces, or businesses would you like to see Indigemama present at (via workshop or speaking engagement)?
13. Write a note, elaborate on questions above, or add additional comments about the venue, facilitator, participants, workshop flow, etc.
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What is your level of education?
What is your race/ethnicity?
Gender pronoun
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