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Junior Coaching Application
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MUST MEET THE REQUIREMENTS to be eligible for program.

WEK Mission:

To elevate kids and give them an edge in life.

Purpose: Allows us to provide Volunteer Hours, Resume Builders, Responsibility and learning how to work in a Fun and Safe environment

-Jr. Coach: 12yr-16

-Assistant Coach: After completing the Jr. Coaching program then eligible to interview for position, Must be 15 turning 16 to interview for a paid position.

How to apply?


Must meet these Requirements to be eligible

-2 years consecutively in one of WE competitive team programs

-Ages 12 (1 year consecutively volunteering and an additional 6 months when 13)

-Ages 13-14 (Will be required 1 year consecutively volunteering)

-Ages 15-16 (Will be required to 75 hours of Volunteering)

-Passing GPA of 2.5 or higher

Then what?
Interview with HR Manager
Then Program Manager
Shadow classes and see how kids respond to you, how enthusiastic you are with the kids, and can you control and value to the class if it was necessary to have you in a lead position.

-It is WEK discretion of what program the athlete will be Volunteering and Jr. Coaching in.

-Not all applicants will be accepted into the Jr. Coaching program at the same time. Limited spots are available in both locations

-Schedule of Availability must line up with the needs of Jr. Coaching spots available

-Jr. Coaches will not be placed or considered for competitive team programs unless they have completed all volunteer requirements previously for their age group, an additional interview and hours are required to be eligible for competitive programs.

-It will be Mandatory for a Jr. Coach to attend all training's pertaining to the programs they work in.

-They will have 30,60,90 day reviews

-Interview for an actual Assistant Coach Position (potential first job) MUST be 16yrs of age.

-Required Training for Jr. Coaching

What does your training consist of?

Concussion Training
Volunteering form
Employee username/pass
How to log hours
How to take Attendance
Curriculum & Class flow
MUST Attend the Jr. Coaching Training Day

Basic Guidelines

1.Attend every class on your schedule

2.Show up for scheduled shift 15 min prior to start of class

3.Know class agendas for the evening

4.Wear proper staff attire and follow hygiene and hair protocol.

5. Knowledge of curriculum and class flow

6.Log hours

7. Follow proper call/off procedure

Benefit to WE students:

-Provide student athletes the opportunity to work & train in an environment they love and in return they gain real world experience for work life beyond their high school years.

Application Deadline:
February 28th

Interview Dates:
March 12th, 13th & 15th

Shadow Dates:
March 27th 28th & 29th

Announcements in April:
Week of April 15th

Training Day:
Saturday June 2nd

Start Date:
June 3rd

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