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GCT COGIC Baptismal Registration (4/30/17)
Please complete the following information and return to the office to receive your Certificate of Baptism.
Email address
Which age group applies to you (the baptismal candidate)?
All candidates under age 12 will be screened.
Please enter your first name.
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Please enter your last name.
Your answer
Please enter your name as you would like for it to appear on your baptismal certificate.
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Are you registering for the Mass Baptism on April 30, 2017?
Please enter your date of birth.
Please enter your address
Example: 123 East Main St.
Your answer
Example: Memphis
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Example: TN
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Zip Code
Example: 38101
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If the baptismal candidate is a minor, please enter the full name of the guardian.
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Primary Contact Phone Number
Example: (###) ###-####
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If a minor, is the address listed above the same for the legal guardian?
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