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Postural Core for Learning Quiz
Scoring the likelihood that your child struggles with posture core stability:
1-3 points=possibly
4-7 points=probably
8-11 points=very likely
12-21 points=extremely likely
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1. Does your child struggle to focus at school? *
2 points
2. Does your child fall out of his/her chair for no apparent reason? *
2 points
3. Does your child appear to lack motivation for learning? *
1 point
4. Does your child frequently drape self over others, lean on walls or furniture, prop head on hands or lay head down when seated at desk/table? *
2 points
5. Does your child frequently fall down, trip, or run into objects or doorways? *
3 points
6. Does your child have difficulty with day time potty accidents? *
2 points
7. Does your child frequently spill things such as drinks at meals or other items? *
2 points
8. Does your child need to constantly fidget *
2 points
9. Is your child constantly in motion? *
2 points
10. Does your child get sick in the car or on many carnival rides? *
3 points
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