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Nature Explorers - Volunteer Spring 2019
Parents and Grandparents are always welcome to come along on any field trip as volunteers. Each class will need at least 1 volunteer each time we go out in order to meet the recommended ratio of adult to student when “off site” or outside of the townsite. This is a 1:10 ratio, however, the more volunteers the merrier. I invite you to get involved at least once during the year. You may decide to choose to volunteer for the field trip that is most interesting to you or during a field trip in which you can share some of your knowledge and expertise. Your willingness to make time in your busy schedule is greatly appreciated. Division two students still need volunteers to ensure they have a safe trip with the benefits of supervision and adult help during hands on activities. Volunteers are asked to supervise an assigned group of students and assist with activities.

For more information or details please contact Cristin "Lynx" at

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