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HASCA Homeschool Athletics Day 2019 ... Expression of Interest & Registration
This Athletics Day is for home educated 'school-aged' children Auckland wide!

HASCA Athletics Day 2019 will be held at the Takapuna Athletics Club, Onewa Domain, on Auckland's North Shore.

The Athletics Day will happen on Wednesday, 13th February 2019. (saver day is 20th February 2019)

The day will be orchestrated by Glenn Riseborough with the support of Irene Burdens and the HASCA team, and any other volunteers: parents or family members with or without experience who are willing to help out to make this day a success!

We need your response and feedback to enable us to provide the best day possible - to suit ALL participants.


Information we require:
Child's name & gender
Child's age as at 31/12/2018
Child's athletics experience -- none/a little/a lot
Parents' willingness to help out, and their experience

We will be offering a series of age-appropriate field and track events, for boys and girls, with a have-a-go session (if required) followed by competition races and events, plus some fun races at the end of the day. However, the final programme will be based on the feedback we receive from you and registrations.

We want the Athletics Day to meet the needs of all athletes wanting to participate, regardless of their experience or ability.

Once Glenn, Irene, and the team have finalised the Athletics Day programme, details will be emailed to you.

The cost for the day will be: $2 per child for HASCA members, $5 per child for non members.

The duration of the day will be determined by the number of entrants, we anticipate 9am to 3pm or thereabouts.

We value your feedback and hope to gain lots of support and help!

PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS NOT A DROP AND RUN EVENT! A parent or adult guardian will need to remain on site on the day, or you can elect another parent to be in charge of your children.

Helpers: We will need parents in charge of each age group, plus taking on various roles managing and marshalling events. Parent helpers will still get a chance to be involved and watch their children. We'd really appreciate your help. Thank you.

We hope to build community through this event and provide a fun day (of athletics) for home-schooling families.

(at National Aquatic Centre/Millennium, North Shore)

Parents, if Athletics is not your thing, maybe Swimming is?! Or maybe you like both?!
We will be organising a Homeschool Swimming Sports Day on 20/03/2019 and need helpers!
These events can only run with parent help.

If you have been involved in the running of a Swimming Sports event in the past, or have some experience, please contact us! Glenn or Sandra at Thank you.

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Parent Volunteer - will you help? *
WE NEED PARENT HELP to make events like this happen for our children, please help if you can. Thank you.
Parent Volunteer Experience *
If you have any Athletics experience (athlete, instructor, time keeper, marshalling, admin) please let us know.
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Other ... please tell me more about:
Would you like to know more about any of these programmes or learning opportunities? Visit, or 'check' the list below and we can contact you with information.
Comments & enquiries welcome!
You are most welcome to contact the HASCA committee anytime via email: or We appreciate helpful feedback. Thank you & kind regards, Team HASCA
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