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Pitch Apply Airdrop registration form
Pitch Apply will be giving 200 Pitch Tokens(PCH) to 1 MILLION followers/users.Tokens will be send to your wallet after the ICO. Follow our instructions and earn your tokens.

This is how it works:
1. Follow us on Twitter (
2. Retweet our pinned post and tag 2 of your friends (
3. Follow us on Facebook (
4. Join in our Telegram (

Our final request is a small donation of whatever you can miss in BTC, ETH, LTC or BCH. Airdrops cost Gas to execute so to be able to pull this massive airdrop of we will need all the support we can get, including in the form of whatever amount you could miss. Another reason for requesting a small donation is so we can speed up the process of registering the tokens on an exchange in order for the PCH token to be traded. All donations are appreciated! If you have some crypto dust you could miss, we would very much appreciate.**

Our Bitcoin BTC address is: 1AMbgz5pdni7EJqP8Kdx1eExJxDSdQSMtv

Our Ethereum ETH address is: 0xee4d53c162f06cc38104ae0240f3084d9e33c281

Our Litcecoin LTC address is: LRQRvrqXCxtvRStDzYbzcKo1i1aswt25xr

Our Bitcoin Cash BCH address is: 1JuW6Mb3wonrmMASwhCnhNn1k1vkNuCUZW

**Donators will be rewarded free tokens as bonus. MORE DONATIONS = MORE TOKENS!

Checking 1 million supporters to see their level of support is going to be a challenge but we will keep an eye on the activities. We will keep an eye on unique email addresses, unique accounts and suspicious spamming behavior!

Whoever already registered for the airdrop will get 200 PCH tokens instead of the 50 PCH tokens we promised earlier.

Read our official announcement to learn more

Happy sharing!

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