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Ear Up Music 搶耳音樂廠牌計劃
12-14 Sep 2016
12 Sep 2016 (Mon) 19:30-21:30
Forum01 ''The digital music wave and how that is changing the music landscape''
黃志淙Wong Chi Chung X Sylvain Delange (法國France) X 蔡靜怡Ruby Choy (香港HK)

13 Sep 2016 (Tue) 19:30-22:30
Forum 02 ''Changes in the music industry – how to run a record/publishing label in 2016''
周耀輝 Chow Yiu Fai X Mike Park (美國U.S.) X 李志Li Zhi (中國China) X Jürgen Enninger (德國Germany)

《搶耳展演》"Ear Up Music Showcase"
玖號IX/ Adrian Lo/ SoundTube/ 三兔The Three Hares

14 Sep 2016 (Wed) 18:30-22:30
《搶耳展演》"Ear Up Music Showcase"
周華欣Linda Chow/ Karmen Cheung/ 廸子Tikchi/ JL Music

Forum03 ''Music festivals and the international booking circuit'
龔志成Kung Chi Shing X 沈黎暉Shen Li-Hui(中國China) X 周紫靜Cecilia Chow (新加坡Singapore) X Dawson Ludwig (美國US)

《搶耳展演》"Ear Up Music Showcase"
The Sulis Club/ Empty HK/ Pasha

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