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Hearts & Tails of Hope Dog and Cat Adoption Application
Completion of this application does not guarantee adoption of a Hearts & Tails of Hope pet. Hearts & Tails of Hope has the right to refuse anyone whom we feel does not meet our adoption criteria.
In order to be considered as an adopter you must meet the following criteria *
21 years of age or older
Have identification showing your present address
Have the knowledge and consent of your landlord if you rent
Able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment and proper care for your new pet
Check all that apply to you
Adoption application for: *
Is there a specific dog or cat you are interested in? If yes, please list their name: *
Name of applicant:
Street address, City and Zip *
Mailing address if different:
Phone number: *
Ok to text this number? *
Email address: *
Do you *
If you rent, do we have permission to call your landlord?
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Landlord's name and phone number
What pets do you currently have (include age, sex and breed)
Have they been spayed or neutered?
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Are they current on vaccinations?
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If you have had pets in the past but no longer have them, what happened to them? (passed away, turned into shelter, etc) If turned into shelter, please explain why.
How many adults are there in your family? *
How many children are there in your family? Ages? *
Does any member of your household have an allergy to cats or dogs? *
Do you have a current veterinarian? *
If yes, name, phone number and city of vet:
If you go away for a few days or on a vacation, who will take care of the pet? *
If you move, will you take the pet with you? If no, please explain why: *
Have you ever applied to adopt a pet from Hearts & Tails of Hope before? If yes, when?
If someone referred you to Hearts & Tails of Hope, please tell us who:
How did you hear about Hearts and Tails of Hope?
Are you willing to have a representative of Hearts & Tails of Hope conduct a home visit? *
If no, please explain why:
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