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2016 Student Needs Assessment - San Bruno Park School District
Please choose one answer per question.
What grade are you in? *
I like school. *
I try my best in school. *
My school is well taken care of. *
I feel safe at school. *
I feel safe on my way to and from school. *
If another student was involved in unsafe or dangerous behavior I would report it to an adult. *
I am aware that college is possible for me. *
I want to go to college after high school. *
During this school year have you stayed home from school because you were being picked on by someone at school? *
Have you ever stayed home from school because you were bullied?
Students and adults at my school respect each other. *
I try hard not to judge people different from me. *
Why do you think students are bullied? Check all that apply. *
How often have you seen bullying or teasing happening?
Adults in the school have taught me about cyber-bullying. *
Adults in school listen to me and respond when I report bullying behavior. *
My school offers fun and interesting activities during lunchtime. *
My school offers fun and interesting activities after school.
I would like my school to offer more...Check all that apply. *
My teachers check to make sure I understand what I have been taught. *
My teachers and school staff are preparing me for college. *
My teachers offer extra time to help me when I need it. *
My school/teacher has recognized me for my efforts and for showing good character . *
There is at least one adult at school I could talk to if I needed help with a problem . *
Any additional information you would like us to know.
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