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Lucy Moses School Play-a-thon Registration February 9, 2020
The Lucy Moses School Play-a-thon is a unique opportunity for Lucy Moses School students, families, and friends to come together and give back to the community. Please join us February 9, 2020 for a chance to perform for a friendly audience and support the scholarships that help keep Lucy Moses School's doors open to all eager students.


In order to participate, we ask each to student to raise a minimum of $100 or more. All funds raised will go directly to the Lucy Moses School Scholarship Fund.

Please discuss your participation in the Play-a-thon with your teacher. S/he will help you choose a piece. Performance time may not exceed five minutes.

List the title and composer for your piece with your registration. If you do not know your piece yet, please note that if we do not receive this information by January 10, 2020, it will not be included in the printed program and you will have to announce your selection from the stage.

Lucy Moses School will provide an accompanist, if needed. One rehearsal is included; however, students are responsible for scheduling the rehearsal directly with the accompanist.
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