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Arcangelo Ambrosi - this will help me a lot!
Hello my Friend,
The end of this year is approaching, and for me it is an excellent time to do a report and sum up the work done.
I thought of creating this small survey, which can help me improve in what I do, achieve better service, develop new ideas.
Thank you so much for your time!
Where are you from? (Country) *
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What is your age? *
What are your main interests and passions? *
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How did you find out about me and my works?
Do you already own one of my products?
Do you plan to buy one of my products in the future?
If not, why?
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If you had to describe the style of my works with one, or maximum two words, what would you say?
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Would you prefer to buy my works on Etsy or on my personal website?
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Which channel do you prefer to stay updated on my works?
Should I update my channels more often?
Which kind of content do you want to see more from me in future?
Do you have other general suggestions?
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Thank you!
The survey is complete.
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