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TTS Software
Very easy to use Text To Speech Software

The Text to Speech Software is made for Windows

The types of computers produced in the last few years differ greatly with those produced in, say, twenty years ago. As computers increasingly take up the role of man's most important tool, it is no surprise that various specialists from across the world have, and are still investing time, effort and money towards developing newer technologies geared to making computers more fast and useful to humans. One of the most amazing technologies resulting from recent research activities is the TTS Software, commonly known as Text to Speech. The software basically enables your Windows PC to read out loud any text you want it to including e-books, emails, and even web content.

The Text to Speech Software for Windows is fully customized for easy use in all PC's using the OS and only requires you to enter some text in the provided box, and the TTS Program will read it out verbatim. And no, it doesn't sound robotic like most of the Voice Reader Software currently on the market; on the contrary, the standard TTS Reader offers several voice options so that you only listen to your preferred voice.

The voices are as clear and friendly as can be which not only make it easy to understand what's being said but also captivate your attention which consequently allows you to better digest the message. What more, Text to Speech Software can read in a variety of languages while still keeping the correct right pronunciations.

Variety of formats of Text To Speech
Notably, Text to Speech Software can read text in a variety of formats including but not limited to .word, .pdf, .epub and .txt.

New updates can even decode and read html text. Suffice to say, get you a Text to Speech Reader if you're almost always too tired (or lazy) to read novels or articles online. Apart from that basic function, Text to Speech Software can also convert basic text into Mp3 if and when required. It can also read out text saved on your PC's clipboard including those in html format. This may help you discover spelling and grammatical errors that you may have overlooked since words are more clear when spoken than when read. The Voice Reader Software can also be set to read out text automatically when opening documents and other pages including emails.

The Text To Speech Software runs in background

One of the most amazing features of Text to Voice Reader is that it can run in the background which allows you to still perform other tasks. Unless set otherwise, the Text To Speech Software is automatically launched when you add new text to your clipboard. In that case, the entire text saved will be read out loud as soon as it is saved. This includes text copied from online sites and even local documents. The main pros of this function are;
It allows you to confirm whether the text saved in the clipboard is complete with the Text to Speech Software
Voice replay of your text assists you to note and correct any grammatical mistakes with the Text to Speech Software that could be in the text.

Most importantly, the Text to Speech Software saves your eyes from unnecessary strain.

I know, I know, many programs that run in the background are irritating and can be quite the distraction but not the Text To Speech Software. Listening to the TTS Program's sweet, clear voice reading out your written text is one of the best ways to get your productivity back on track.

With the Text to Speech Software, you don't have to overwork your eyes
Just key in whatever you need to read on the software and it will be delivered straight to your ears and on to your brain.

The super amazing Text to voice Software is available for free download

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