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Masuk High School Student Survey
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What grade are you in? *
What courses do you take? *
There are groups of students in my school who exclude others and make them feel bad for not begin a part of the group. *
On an average weekday, how many hours do you spend in afterschool activities including sports, music, dance, drama, clubs, work, etc? *
I have various opportunities to get adult assistance if I feel bullied/harassed *
The school provides education surrounding appropriate social media use. *
Completing my homework increases my learning... *
How often do you see student(s) say something mean to other people? *
Students at this school will try to stop students from insulting or making fun of others. *
The students in my school like each other. *
Teachers show concern for their students as individuals. *
I feel comfortable approaching my teachers with questions and concerns. *
On average, how much time do you spend on homework (including reading and studying time), per night, Monday through Friday? *
My teachers treat students fairly. *
I have respect for my teachers. *
On average, how much of your assigned homework do you complete? *
In my school, there are clear rules against physically hurting other people (ie. hitting, pushing, or tripping) *
I have seen students being physically hurt at school by other students (ie.. Pushed, slapped, punched, beaten up) *
I feel physically safe at Masuk High School. *
I feel socially and emotionally safe at Masuk High School *
Of your homework time, how much is spent reading per night, Monday through Friday? *
Students in this school respect each other's differences (ie. gender, race, culture, disability, sexual orientation, learning differences, etc) *
My teachers show enthusiasm for their subject matter. *
Of your homework time, how much is spent studying for tests and quizzes per night, Monday through Friday? *
My teachers foster a safe, positive learning environment.
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I enjoy attending Masuk High School.
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On average, what time do you get to sleep each school night? *
I feel comfortable in school in areas outside of the classroom (ie. cafeteria, hallways, restrooms, bus)
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If a problem arises in my life, there is an adult in the building that I know I can go to.
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I use a Masuk Chromebook for school, not my personal computer. *
I feel that my school is adequately preparing me for life after Masuk High School. *
Provide any additional comments.
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