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CitiGlobal Payments Form (5 mins.)
This form is for clients paying thru: remittance, bank / fund transfer, bank deposit, credit card online, and bank auto-debit. Starting March 2018, you NO LONGER NEED to send an email of your transaction to if you have already filled up & submitted this form.

For REMITTANCE PAYMENTS, please be mindful of the ff.:
1. Anticipate deductions of at least P100 or more from charges by intermediary banks. CitiGlobal Accounting will issue an Official Receipt based on the final amount reflected on our bank account.
2. Anticipate longer process time due to FLOATS between banks, up to 30 working days, depending on the routing process.

To avoid unexpected deductions and longer process times, we strongly suggest for you to transact with post-dated checks instead of remittances.

Please read through our Accounting FAQ for more guidelines:

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