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Riddle Room Waiver
By participating in Riddle Room, User agrees to the following terms:

I am at least 18 years old; and

I understand that I will be in Riddle Room for a period of up to sixty minutes; and

I have no health or medical issues that could endanger me while in Riddle Room; and

I am able to leave the Riddle Room at any time through the main door or through the emergency back door and if I do so I will not be guaranteed readmission; and

All puzzles in Riddle Room are property of Riddle Room, LLC and I may not disclose their contents or solutions to any third party, including my friends or family, or otherwise use or exploit them for my own benefit or the benefit of any third party; and

I understand that Riddle Room, LLC recommends that I do not use alcohol or drugs immediately before or during my Riddle Room experience; and

Riddle Room, LLC shall have no liability for my health, wellbeing or property during or after my participation in Riddle Room. I understand that my participation is at my own risk; and

I understand that I am solely liable for any malicious destruction I cause in the Riddle Room;

If I violate any of the terms identified above, I may be removed from Riddle Room and understand that I am entitled to NO REFUND of my admission fee.

I agree to all the terms above.
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