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Application form Vocal Pop & Jazz Days 2020
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If for the purpose of a better balance, we need to move people between voicings, which voice would you also be comfortable in?
For ladies: Would you like to be part of the ladies-only subchoir?
One of the three subchoirs will once again be 'ladies only'. The big choir will still be mixed, so you can sing both in a ladies choir and in a mixed choir!
Are you a conductor?
Are you a student?
Do you want to audition for the Selection choir?
We'll do the auditions in advance, through video. More information about the procedure can be found on the site.
Describe your musical experience *
What experience do you have singing (solo or in a choir)? Which different styles have you sung? If you have participated in the VPJD before, a short reminder will do...
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Would you like to buy the sheetmusic of the choirs that you will not sing in as well? This will cost an extra € 40,-.
The sheetmusic for all the choirs you will sing in are included in the participation fee.
Do you have suggestions and/or wishes for workshops?
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Are you a vegetarian?
Do you have any other dietary desires or restrictions?
Allergies, preferences, etc
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Would you like to sleep in a single room or would you like to share a room? *
There will be an additional charge for single rooms of € 100,-. Single rooms are subject to availability.
With whom would you like to share a room?
If you would like to share a room, with whom would you like to share it? Warning: It is possible this person will want to be in a room with someone else (or wants a single room), so please indicate if you want to have a single room if this person is not available!
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Are there other things you would like to bring to our attention?
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