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Purpose of Evaluation
This course evaluation questionnaire has been designed to allow students to give feedback on the quality of teaching and learning received during the Semester. It is also intended to entrench a high standard in the quality of teaching and learning in the University. Please, note that this drive is for the improvement of the teaching and learning process and is not targeted at witch-hunting any staff. Information supplied by students shall be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Be assured that the University is more determined than ever to serve you better.
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Instruction: Please indicate truthfully, by ticking the appropriate option
1. Did you attend class regularly? *
2. A course outline was given to students at the beginning of the semester. *
3. The topics in the course outline were followed during the semester. *
4. Completed topics contained in the Course outline at the end of the Semester? *
5. Was attendance taken regularly? *
6. Was the approved lecture timetable followed? (i.e. NOT changing lecture time, starting late, ending early, and cancelling classes) *
7. During classes the lecturer did not just read from textbook or notes but explained what was read and helped students to understand *
8. Encouraged students to participate in class (i.e. encouraged students to ask and answer questions, and gave meaningful answers to questions) *
9. Communicated and treated students respectfully  (i.e. DID NOT use abusive or foul language on students and WAS NOT in the habit of hitting students.) *
10.  The Lecturer was available to students *
11. Textbook for the course were purchased from the University bookshop or Faculty bookshop *
12. Test/Assignments/Practical have been administered before the start of examinations? *
13. Assignments were not attached to the purchase of textbook (i.e. Buy textbook to receive or submit an assignment)? *
14. This lecturer cannot be bribed to give better grade *
15. Maintained professional conduct with students of the opposite sex (i.e. Does not harass them sexually) *
16.  The instructional materials (i.e., books, readings, handouts, study guides, lab manuals) increased my knowledge and skills in the subject matter. *
17.  This course was useful in my progress toward my degree. *
Comments about the Lecturer
Do you have any specific recommendations for improving this course?
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