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AASD - Application for Homework Kit Distribution
Beginning in 2014, AASD has funded homework kits each year for deserving schools in San Diego Unified School District. These kits are for incoming Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and Kindergarten (K) students to help make their first days of school and homework completion a success!

Funds for the kits are generated through donations and the 50/50 fundraiser drawings at AASD events throughout year year.

If you would like your school to be considered, please complete the form below. The deadline for submission is April 30, 2019.

The AASD Member Relations Committee will consider each application carefully and award the school(s) based on the criteria below and amount of funding is available for the number of kits needed.

Selected schools will be announced at the June 14 AASD Summerfest event and homework bags will be distributed at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year.

Name of Principal *
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Name of Vice Principal (if applicable)
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Name of School *
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Person Completing Application *
Expected number of TK and Kindergarten student to enroll for 2019-20. *
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Percentage of Title 1 students (free and reduced lunch). *
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Did your site lose or decline in Title 1 funding for 2019-20? *
If yes, list the amount of Title 1 funding lost/declined between 2018-19 and 2019-20.
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Percentage of military population (if applicable).
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Percentage of homeless population (if applicable).
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Does your school receive additional out-of-district funding (i.e., PTA, Foundation, Donations from Rotary, Lions Club, Optimists, etc? *
If yes, list the approximate amount of out-of-district funds your site receives.
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Has your site/school been a recipient of the AASD Homework Kits in past years?
Please describe why you feel your TK and K students should be considered for the AASD Homework Kit distribution for 2019-20. *
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