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USSU Presents: Sociology Student Course Evaluations
Course selection can be tough, we want to make it a bit easier! Here is a chance to share your thoughts about the past Sociology courses you've taken and help your peers with your feedback. Being as course enrolment is right around the corner, we ask that you share your experience and honest feedback regarding the course curriculum, rigour, workload, etc. (anything you'd want others to tell you about their past course experiences). All collected answers will be tabulated in a spreadsheet and made public once we get enough responses from student, so that you can also take advantage of your peers' experiences.

For your security, all answers will be completely anonymous and confidential. The questions about your status as a student are optional and solely intended to act as a reference point for other students who may wish to have some contextual information about the reviewers to better compare the course reviews with their own strengths and weaknesses. If you do not wish to answer those questions, feel free to move on to the subsequent questions.

Year of Study (OPTIONAL)
Program Level (OPTIONAL)
What course would you like to share for? (Provide Course Code and Name)
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What was the Professor's name?
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When did you take the course?
What type of marking scheme was used? (Check all that apply)
From 1-5 rate the workload of the course (1=easy, 5=difficult)
(Follow up) There are lots of:
From 1-5, how well was the course content organized and prepared? (1=poorly organized, 5=very well organized)
From 1-5, how well did the Professor explain concepts in class? (1=very badly, 5=very well)
From 1-5, how accessible and accommodating was the professor outside of class (considering email response level, office hours, etc.)? (1=not accessible/accommodating at all, 5=very accessible/accommodating)
From 1-5 rate the overall difficulty of the course (1=easy, 5=hard)
What was the grade you received? (OPTIONAL)
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What was the class average?
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If you had the option, would you take this course again?
What did you LIKE about the Professor or course?
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What did you DISLIKE about the Professor or course?
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Is there anything you wish you would've known before taking the course?
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Please use this space to provide any other information you feel is necessary:
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