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OSIPI open source ASL pipelines
Dear pipeline authors,

Jan Petr and Henk Mutsaerts will provide an overview of ASL pipelines at the OSIPI open source perfusion imaging symposium coming Monday, at the ISMRM. We would like to summarize the features open source ASL pipelines should have and recapitulate where we stand with the different ASL pipelines that are currently freely available.

Could you please fill in the short questionnaire below about the features your pipeline is offering (I have figured out, that having the authors answer these question will be more fair, then trying to judge this subjectively).

For each of the topics below, please select which of the options (a/b/c) best characterizes your pipeline. The options are 'cumulative' - by answering 'c' it means that the pipeline can also do 'a' and 'b'. There are no free fields at the questions, to make it easier for us to obtain stats. Please provide your comments in the free fields at the bottom.

Many thanks in advance!
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1) Name of your pipeline *
2) Is your pipeline publicly available and free for academical use? *
3) What data structure is expected as input? *
4) To what extent can your pipeline be configured (i.e. without changing the code)?
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5) Does your pipeline process structural images as well? *
6) What is the output of your pipeline? *
7) Are there means for QC, such as PDF reports, JPG QC images to inspect? *
8) What kind of labeling strategies can your pipeline quantify? *
9) Does your pipeline support data from multiple vendors? *
10) Can your pipeline handle time-series? *
11) Does your pipeline perform partial volume correction? *
12) Does you pipeline run on multiple OSes? *
13) Is the source code available for others?
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14) Have you tested the pipeline on large clinical datasets? *
Can you summarize in two sentences what are the main strong points of your pipeline, i.e. what makes it interesting compared to the other pipelines available? (RECOMMENDED - goes to the presentation)
What features should a good open source ASL pipeline have? Which are, of the above are important, which aren't, which would you add? (OPTIONAL)
Any other comments? (optional)
Which manuscript reference to your pipeline do you suggest we use?
Which website reference do you suggest we use?
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