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2nd-4th Grades After-School Club Sign-Up
Clubs begin immediately after dismissal and last until 3:30pm. There is a 20 student max capacity per club that is why we are asking that you give a second option in case your first choice has already reached max capacity. Clubs will NOT be available for Wednesdays or Fridays. * Please only submit one form per child. If more than one form is submitted, DAS will select clubs for student. CLUB REGISTRATION CLOSES ON AUGUST 14, 2017

NOTE: Elementary Science Olympiad will begin in January 2018. More information will be given in January.

Club Descriptions:

Drama Club- Mrs. Smyth and Ms. Banach
Calling all actors! The first 40 lucky stars to join the club will have a chance to perform and shine bright!

Notes: Costumes will be required for performances and there will also be a couple weekend practices. Monetary contributions may be needed

Cardio Club- Mrs. Schultz
Get your blood pumping in cardio club! The students will be introduced to many different types of cardiovascular exercise and learn about the impact it has on the human body. We will track our heart rates and look at the heart as a human muscle that needs to be worked out. We will keep a record of our exercises so the students can see and graph their progress.

World Travelers Club- Mrs. Schultz
Come aboard and join Mrs. Schultz as she jets around the world to learn about foreign cultures. Each month the World Travelers Club will investigate a new country or culture. Each student will help the club research a day in the life of a child in another culture. The students will help teach the group about life abroad. The travelers will keep a journal comparing each culture to their own. We will (keeping allergies in mind) sample food from around the world as we go. Bon Voyage!

Kids Yoga- Mrs. Christianson
Each week students will unwind by performing yoga inspired movement provided by "Cosmic Kids". "Cosmic Kids" will take them on a journey through yoga using many wonderful children's stories. This club has a 15 student max capacity.

Solar System Sensation- Mrs. Christianson
Each Month the students will learn about a new planet, using stories, google, and arts and crafts.

Foreign Language Club- Mrs. Hurst
This club will serve as a very basic beginner's course for conversational Spanish. Students will learn conversational phrases, food, animals, numbers, days of the week, etc. We will utilize the Duolingo App (Free) to help us keep track of our fluency. There will be a 10 student limit for this club.

Incredible Illustrators- Ms. Armstrong
Students will be able to explore the importance of illustrations in books. This club will allow students to express themselves with art. We will view types of art used through the reading of different books, work on the skill of visualization, and make connections of how words correlate to the images created in a book. Throughout the studying of different illustrators we will practice some of their techniques to find out which one each individual student likes best. Towards the end of the year students will collaborate with peers and create their own type of story with their very own illustrations.

Weather Watchers- Ms. Armstrong
Students will be able to learn about weather and the effects it has in our lives. We will look at different types of precipitation, climates, the water cycle, as well as natural disasters. Students will perform different experiments, view different types of maps and videos and create different projects to better understand weather and how it works.

Code Kids- Mrs. Broccard
Students will participate in a variety of engaging computer based and hands-on computer coding activities based on the system. Kids will learn a variety of coding techniques such as binary and scratch coding, and will deepen their understanding of computer coding, terminology, systems, teamwork, and computational thinking.

Homework Help Club!- Mr. Frost
The Homework Help Club provides students with the opportunity to obtain assistance with homework and practice basic skills. Students who may not need help but simply a place to work are also welcome! No fees are associated with this club.

Mathletes- Mr. Frost
Mathletes is club for students who enjoy challenging math problems, learning about advanced math, and competing with one another in math competitions. If interest in this club is high, we will reach out to other elementary schools to set up a friendly competition. Mathletes unite!

Show and Tell- Mrs. Lowe
At Show and Tell students will bring in items such as: a favorite toy, a picture, a school assignment they are proud of, a story they wrote, etc. While sharing, students will be developing their public speaking and active listening skills. They will also learn multiple strategies to overcome stage fright in order to become confident presenters. It is recommended that students come prepared with a short written statement or notes about why this item is important to them.

Rainforest Club- Mrs. Lowe
Calling all Rainforest Scientists! At Rainforest Club, students will be researching the rainforest biome. We will explore the rainforest by taking virtual field trips, conducting science experiments, and creating crafts of our favorite animals and plants.

Dodgeball Club- Mr. Lewis
Students will participate in games of dodgeball/dodgeball variations

The MillionAiRe Club- Mrs. Ritenour
The MillionAiRe club is a competition to earn Accelerated Reader points. Students will be eager and motivated to move up to the next level in the Millionaire Clubs. They will track their own progress and work on meeting their AR goals. How far will you exceed your AR goals this year?

Lego Club-Mrs. Bradbury
Students will set their own thematic goals for club projects and build a wide range of creations including simple machines out of Legos! Creativity levels are maxed out to the extreme and the sky's the limit in lego club! There is a $50 one time fee via cash, check, or money order.

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