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This application is not a binding contract, nor does it guarantee that you will be able to adopt the specific dog you are applying to adopt. In general, we have multiple open applications for any given future pet, and we try to select the best home for each pet. Many factors determine if you qualify to rescue a pet through us. Your open, honest answers to this application, as well as accessibility to CPOC fosters and volunteers coordinating the process, will help facilitate the process quicker.

We have a thorough application process. Lying or misrepresenting yourself in any way on this application will result in disqualification from this or future adoptions. We contact all references (including vets), so be sure that you are choosing individuals and veterinary offices who will expect our calls/texts/emails. References must be able to speak to your pet history and ability to provide a quality home for your new companion. Please be honest with us; something you think may disqualify you, might not. This application allows us to start the process of talking about it.

Our goals are simple: we want the best for our future companions. They deserve the best homes with the best people that fit their individual needs. We don't wish for either the animal or the adopters to feel trapped in a bad adoption, which takes time to ensure.

There is a two week trial period, meaning if something doesn't work between you and the pet you adopt, you may return them to us with a full refund of your adoption fee. You may return the animal but, you will NOT receive a refund after the initial two week trial period.  

Should you need to rehome a pet adopted through Companion Pets of Cleveland for any reason in the future, please be sure to return them to us directly. We realize that sometimes homes aren't good fits and that sometimes takes extra time to determine.                                                                                                                                                            
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