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NZGDA GDC 2017 Scholarship Program
Looking at going to GDC this year? It's an awesome event, but we know it can be a very expensive proposition attending an event on the other side of the world.

Thanks to NZGDA, Dinosaur Polo Club, Callaghan Innovation and GDC themselves, we've pulled together a bunch of different scholarships to help more Kiwis make their way to the most important event in the games industry calendar!

This year we have three streams you can apply for:

Representation - Thanks to GDC (UBM Media) we have 15 All Access Passes for women and other underrepresented groups in games.

Business - Thanks to Callaghan Innovation we have 3 x $3500 travel grants for professional game developers early in their careers at a New Zealand games studio. Callaghan Innovation want to help them learn about international best practices, apply new technology, or form collaborations that will benefit the games business and their career. To be eligible you must be permanently employed by a NZ company.

Talent - 1 x $2000 Travel Grant from NZGDA and 2 x $2000 Travel Grants from Dinosaur Polo Club to help get some talented Kiwi developers to GDC

As GDC is fast approaching and accommodation is only getting more expensive as time goes on, we'll be giving out the scholarships before the end of December.

Applications are via this form and close Midnight, Monday the 19th of December.

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