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HHRI webinar GBV training 2020
To be able to obtain the HHRI GBV training certificate, please submit feedback regarding the training you have completed, including feedback on course structure and content. You can submitt your feedback even if you have not followed the whole training. By watching the videos and the training stucture you will be able to answer the questions below.
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Questions about the contents of the e-training
1. How can the human rights approach be useful in the work with survivors of sexual based violence? Please give some examples? *
2. Please describe your understanding of a good helper? *
3. What can be considered warning signals in terms of secondary traumatization and why is it important that you take care of yourself as a helper? And what would you consider good things to do to reduce the risk? *
4. What are trauma reactions, and what are the 4 survival strategies often observed when persons are exposed to life threatening events, or events that may be serious blows to integrity, mental and physical? *
5. Why is it essential to learn about trauma-reactions and ways of dealing with these reactions when they appear? *
6. Why is it important to look into the 5 focus areas before and after working on stabilization techniques with the survivor? *
7. Why is psycho-education about trauma-reactions important during the work with survivors of sexual base violence and how can the “window of tolerance-model” be used as a tool in this work? *
8. How can you use grounding exercises and how can they be helpful? Please give an example. *
9. How do you think the metaphor of the butterfly woman can be used in the work with survivors? If you do not think that this or other metaphor seems useful, please explain why. *
10. What is the intention of starting the story with the Butterfly woman’s good life? *
11. Please mention some aspects that should be taken into account when working with the survivor before, during and after she reports the case. In which way can a helper support the survivor during the reporting process? *
12. What aspects should be highlighted when working with the survivors in order to support her in her process to find a good ending to her the story? *
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