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How to use this form?
This form is to be used by organisations or institutions to apply for the Facilitator Training on Skillful Parenting & Facilitator Training on Family Budgeting provided by ICS-SP in Cambodia. The form can be used to register one or more persons for the above facilitator training.

Please complete the application form. Once ICS-SP has accepted your application we will send you a conditional letter of acceptance and invoice.
Training Schedule *
Group 1 (22-26 May 2017)
Group 2 (7-11 Aug 2017)
Facilitator Training on Skillful Parenting
13-15 June 2
Facilitator Training on Family Budgeting
Number of staff that you want to register *
About the trainees
It is up to each organization to select the right staff for the facilitator training based on the Facilitator Profile. However ICS-SP wants to make sure that the majority of participants become certified as full facilitators. Therefore we will assess the potential of each person registered for the facilitator training.
Detail information (name, sex, age, current job title)
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Brief of your organization
Organization name
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Type of organization *
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Number of permanent staff
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Please give a brief description of the objectives and activities of your organization
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Please give a brief description of your (organization current work with parents and caregivers.
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A motivation on why you believe the above persons have potential to become a facilitator?
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About your organization's learning need
Please tell us about your three main learning needs. This is used firstly, to determine that this is the right training for you and secondly, it helps the trainer to tailor the training as much as possible to the overall learning needs of the group.
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Contact information to send invoice
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Special requirements
Please list any special requirements that you may have in relation to food and other specific training needs.
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