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Staff Position Application - Motley Hue 2020
We are looking for some dedicated people to help fill out our staff for 2020. We have some positions that are for a free pass, and others that have a small paid stipend we can offer you.
If you have organizational skills and/or love leading groups of people, we need your talents to make Motley Hue run smoothly for everyone involved.
Staff members will need to be available for at least one Skype meeting before the event (perhaps more, depending on the position). We also ask that you are responsible, a self-starter, be able to make decisions when things go astray, and have a really positive attitude towards working with people.
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Our staff will be structured differently this year. Instead of volunteers being scheduled "per shift", they will be organized roughly into "Teams". Each team will have a leader that will know all the details about the task & make sure that the team gets things done. We hope this will build relationships amongst volunteers, minimize confusion around shifts at the event, and spread out responsibilities among more people.
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