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Preliminary Damage Assessment
This form is to help local government assess the damage and report the findings to the State and Federal authorities. Please answer each question honestly and with as much detailed as allowed.
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Name of Person Filling Out Form (if Different Than Name of Property Owner/Renter)
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Is this property residential or commercial? *
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Do you currently have homeowner's insurance, but the policy does not cover water damage due to flooding from the exterior of the home? *
Is this property a second home? *
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Are you classified as "low income" by state or federal standards? *
If there is water damage, please describe the depth and to what level of your property the water damage was sustained (basement, first floor, second floor). If you have no water damage, please respond, "N/A" *
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Please describe any damage (other than water) that your property sustained. If you have no additional damage, please respond, "N/A".
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