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Contribute: COVID-19 and UK Theatres Timeline
Seismic events have unfolded at pace since March 2020. Many people report that time has seemed to move in strange ways, making it difficult to remember the order of events. This is compounded by fast-paced policy changes and differing experiences across the four nations of the UK. Nonetheless, it is vitally important that the impact of COVID-19 is understood along the axis of time.

Freelancers in the Dark is building a timeline of the impact of COVID 19 on theatres and their workforces across the UK. We want to capture the range of experiences of those who work or engage with the theatre sector. You can find the timeline here:

However, we believe that mapping out the events since March 2020 should be a collaborative and on-going effort, taking into account many different viewpoints. We are therefore inviting you to contribute to the timeline. Our aim is to develop a crowdsourced, public resource that helps with the theatre industry's collective memory of the pandemic and its impacts.

If you work in or engage with the theatre sector, please use this form to answer the question: What have been your key dates and events since March 2020?

This might include:
- Policy announcements
- Cultural events
- Industry announcements
- Activist campaigns
- Funding announcements

Please bear in mind that we will not be able to publish any personal or identifying information, and are looking for dates and events that have a degree of shared importance.

Your contributions will be anonymous, and members of our research team will screen them and migrate them onto the timeline. Please use the form multiple times to submit multiple key dates. You will be offered the chance to consent for your submission to be used as data in our research project - this is entirely optional, and no identifying information will be collected.

For more information on the research project, please see:
Freelancers in the Dark is funded by the ESRC and is a collaboration between the University of Essex (East 15), Manchester Metropolitan University and Queen's University, Belfast. Its principle investigator is Dr. Holly Maples, and you can contact the research team on:

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When do you consider a key date with regards the impact of COVID-19 on theatre in the UK?
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