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Driveline Baseball High Performance Intern
Location: Kent, WA
Full Time
Wage: $2,500/month

Our High Performance team improves strength and power development, baseball skills, and movement quality for our athletes. They are learning machines who can apply strength programming to solve skill problems and engage deeply with athletes.

In-gym and remotely, we get great results training athletes. Strength, skill, therapy and education are foundational elements of those results.

The High Performance Intern reports directly to our Head of Athlete Performance to ensure all elements of athlete programming work in sync with one another. They achieve this by working collaboratively with other trainers and coaches and working daily with our athletes.

We are seeking talented coaches from a variety of backgrounds: strength, pitching, hitting, or manual therapy.

You are highly engaged every day to help athletes achieve their goals.

You can apply strength-based solutions to solve skill issues and vice-a-versa.

You are eager to learn.

You are able to immediately connect with and assess athletes will drive their results and their ability to apply it when they leave our gym.

You will learn more about baseball development in 6 months here than in the last 6 years.

-Facilitating a great gym environment.
-Monitoring athlete workouts and engaging athletes to assess.
-Writing workout plans for athletes who will be executing them with and without your supervision.
-Working with our research team to continuously improve our training outcomes.
-Create weekly educational talks for training athletes.
-Experience using or teaching Driveline's programming.
-Administrative duties: scheduling athletes, tracking hours, planning gym time.
-Computer literate and proficient with Microsoft Office or Google Docs.

Candidates applying for this position should be able to lift up to 100 pounds unassisted repeatedly throughout the workday. Also, the physical requirements of this job require frequent walking around, demonstrating and assisting with exercise, throwing and hitting movements; bending, throwing, stretching, lifting, pushing, pulling and squatting are movements performed daily.

-Excellent leadership and verbal communication skills.
-1 season of coaching experience for a college or professional baseball team (either baseball or strength and conditioning).
-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist or equivalent.
-Excellent "feel". That mix of empathy, common sense and likability that makes people trust you.
-A history of independent learning.
-Creative solutions to unique training limitations.

Driveline Baseball is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, creed, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship status, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or any other status protected under local, state, or federal laws. For employees and applicants for employment who have disabilities, Driveline Baseball provides reasonable accommodation.
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