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1. Fill out and Submit this application.
2. Call Clarity at (270) 234-1122 to be scheduled for an AIM interview.
3. Have a successful interview.
4. Complete the 4 Basic Training Sessions at Clarity.
Then you’ll be presented a Custom AIM Coin at our monthly Insaka FireSide Gathering and will then have all the rights and responsibilities of a full-fledged AIM Member.
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Do you give Clarity staff permission to text you? *
Are you able to attend the 4 Basic Training Sessions that meet consecutively on Mondays at 6pm? *
Are you or are you about to become a Father? *
Do you have any kids? Any on the way? If so, tell me about them.
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In your own words, what is the AIM Program? *
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What are three goals you have as a Dad? *
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Thank you for your interest.
Taking the #Dadlife serious is no simple thing, especially to your little one, that makes you their hero.
When you complete your Basic Training we celebrate and honor you.
At the end of every basic, we throw a party for those tactical dads who attend all 4 of the Basic Training sessions. Not only that, every new member gets a token of their achievement…Clarity’s own custom-made AIM Challenge Coin.

Nowhere else on the planet can you get one of these;
It is reserved for our AIM Dads who are proving every day they have what it takes!

If you have any questions: (270) 234.1122

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