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In Store shopping vs. Online Shopping
Dear Participant, please read the Informed Consent Form here.

Dear Parent of any participant younger than 18 years old, please read and review the Consent Form and Survey Questions here.

Participant Informed Consent
Dear Participant, please write a statement below indicating that you "have reviewed the consent form and understand what you will be asked to do."
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Dear Participant, please write a statement indicating that "you consent to participate in this experiment."
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Parent Informed Consent
I have read the survey questions.
I consent to my child participating in this survey.
What is your town of residence? Ex Farmingdale, Bethpage
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What is your Zip Code?
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What is your age?
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What is your gender?
What is your religious affliation?*
*This is highly encouraged, but not mandatory.
What is your family's average yearly income?
How often do you shop in a retail setting?
Do you prefer to shop for clothing online, or in store?
It is important for me to have close access to a mall.
To what degree does this statement reflect you? I research a product online and then purchase it in store.
I would prefer access to information, such as inventory, while shopping.
Price affects where I shop.
Dining is important where I shop.
I like to be offered help when I shop.
I would like to be able to easily return my items.
I like access to additional services when I shop.
I prefer access to many stores when I shop.
Trying on clothing before buying influences where I shop.
Assistance is important to me when I shop.
Confidentiality is important to me when I shop.
Which would you prefer?
Initial Low Price
Which would you prefer?
Trying on Clothes
Initial Low Price
Which would you prefer?
The Mall Experience
Shopping from Home
Which would you prefer?
An Attractive Storefront
Which would you prefer?
Keeping contact information private
Coupon offers
Which would you prefer?
Low Price
Help from an Associate
Which would you prefer?
Online Shopping
In-Store Shopping
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