Sub-Contractor Pre Qualification Questionnaire
Bristow Projects Inc. is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment through the active participation and support of the Bristow Project Inc. Loss Management Program. As part of our commitment to this program, we must pre-approve those who may be providing us with sub-contract services.
As part of the pre-qualification process, we require you to provide us with a copy of the general documentation outlined below and a complete copy of the attached questionnaire.
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Documentation Request
Please Upload the following documents
A copy of your current Safety Program Manual (or a copy of its table of contents and your company’s Safety Policy). *
A Current Clearance Letter from the Worker’s Compensation Board.
WCB Employer Premium Rate Statements for the two most recent years along with the corresponding industry rate.
A Certification of Liability Insurance (reflecting compliance with no less than $2,000,000.00 comprehensive general liability and $2,000,000.00 automobile liability insurance for each occurrence. Bristow Projects Inc must also be listed as additionally insured on the insurance document.
Should you have a “Certificate or Recognition or Small Employer Certificate of Recognition signifying an audited & approved Safety Program, a copy is requested.
A copy of your company’s safety statistics (i.e.: man-hours worked, fatalities, lost time injuries & medical aid injuries) for the last 3 years.
Sub-Contractor Health, Safety & Environmental Questionnaire
Does your company have a written safety program?If so, please ensure a copy is provided (at minimum a copyof the table of contents and your company’s Safety Policy).
Do you have a recognized safety program that has received aCOR or SECOR? If so, please provide a copy.
Are your senior management, supervisory staff and employees aware of the contents of the company’s safety program?
Does your company develop safe work procedures, standards practices for the work being performed?
Provide supporting processes for ensuring necessary employee competencies.
Does your managerial, operations staff, supervisory staff, and employees comply with the provincial OH&S and WCB regulations applicable to your company’s work activities?
Does your company ensure that management, supervisors and employees understand their specific responsibilities for safety?
Does your management personnel conduct routine site inspections?
Does your management personnel conduct routine site inspections - if so how often
Does your company have a policy outlining the responsibilities and frequency for conducting regular inspections of equipment, work sites and employee action?
Has a preventative maintenance program been developed and implemented for all your equipment?
Does your company have standards for purchasing material, renting equipment, and follow appropriate engineering standards? (i.e.: CSA, ASME)?
Does your safety program identify work hazards for your company’s work activities and are procedures to control those hazards developed? (i.e.: risk/hazard assessments).
Does your company have a process in place that allows employees to promptly submit reports of hazards, incidents, and near-misses at the worksite? (Note: Incidents include:injuries, equipment/property damage, spills/releases, fire, security and near-misses).
Is a review and follow-up on all incidents conducted and are senior management involved with this process?
Does your company have an effective incident reporting structure in place that ensures hazards are identified and either controlled or eliminated?
Does your company conduct periodic audits to ensure the effectiveness of its safety program?
Does your company conduct routine safety meetings?
Are minutes from these meetings kept on file and circulated to all employees? And, are follow-up items addressed and captured at the next meeting?
Are all workers involved in pre-job safety meetings and are the meeting topics & attendance documented?
Does your company use appropriate communication methods(ie: posters, bulletins, & bulletin boards) to stress the importance of good health and safety practices?
Does your company develop and use safety statistics as a measuring tool to control losses? Please provide a copy of your safety statistics (i.e.: Man-hours worked, modified work and lost time injuries for the last 3 years).
Does your company have an effective modified work program in place for injured workers?
Sub-Contract Company Acknowledgement
The preceding information is correct and accurate to the best of my knowledge. As an authorized representative of my company, I acknowledge that my company and representatives within will comply with all policies, rules, and regulations applicable to our operation.
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Sub-Contract Representative Name:
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