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Panel Submission Form
Are you a Professional, Fan, or Organization who would like to present a Panel or Workshop at Fan World 2018: July 6-8, 2018? If so, please fill out the form below by June 1, 2018. This form is for panels and workshops only. Please contact us via for any other submissions which may not fit the panel submission form!

Please remember that we do read all of our applications. There is always a demand for slots for any programming, and we may limit what we can show. Before you submit, please make sure your application is the best that it can be. Fan World is looking for programs which are original, exciting, and creative. Most importantly, think about the value your Panel will provide to audiences and what sets your panel apart from others. This application does not guarantee you a panel slot during the show - it only registers your request to hold a panel at our event.

Fan World will respond to all panel requests. You will find out whether you are accepted, wait-listed, or neither.
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Programming Title - What Is the name of your panel or workshop? *
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Description of Programming - We'd love to know what your panel is about. Go into details; sell it! This is where we get to know what you're going to do. *
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Short Programming Description - Keep this short and sweet - this is for our website and programming guide. Don't give away everything you're doing just make it fun so people want to come. *
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Please Choose Which Topics Best Describe Your Panel:: *
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Does your program contain any 18+ content? *
Where would you prefer to perform your panel? Being how we are a Multinational Convention - do you have a preference? *
Do you plan to offer any giveaways? (Please be aware Fan World may not be in a position to offer prize support for any game shows run by fans) *
How long of a time block are you looking for? *
Most of our programming rooms are equipped with microphones, DVD players, projectors, and screens. The rooms may have VGA laptop hookups, but not laptops. Presenters with presentations are responsible for their own laptops. Please note presenters with Macs are responsible for bringing their own VGA adapters. *
Do you have any additional tech requirements? Maybe a request for overnight scheduling? We can try to make what you need happen, however we may not be able to provide additional needs beyond what has been outlined above.
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