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CBS Theatre Sign-Up Sheet 2018-2019
CBS Theatre is a theatre group founded at CBS but open for both experienced and aspiring artists which produces full-length stage productions each year. The next productions will be one in February 2019 and one in April 2019. Use this form to indicate your interest in joining the cast & crew for either or both productions.
What is your name? *
What email address can you be contacted on? *
What phone number can we contact you on? *
What is your nationality? *
What is your gender? *
How old are you? *
If you're a CBS student, what year and program are you in at CBS (e.g. 2nd year Bachelor IBP)? *
How did you hear about CBS theatre? *
What is your background in theatre? Please list any significant experience (production + your role in it). *
Are you primarily interested in acting? *
When are you available for auditions? Auditions last around an hour, please enter all times that work for you (auditions take 30 minutes and are only for people interested in acting). *
If yes, in case you do not end up as part of the cast, are you interested in contributing to the production in other ways?
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What are you interested in other than acting (e.g. set design, technical support, assistant directing)? *
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