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Solon Stars Swim Club - Time Standard Patch Achievement Request Form
CONGRATULATIONS on achieving a new swimming time standard!

Patches are available to swimmers for B, BB, A, AA, AAA, and AAAA time standards in each stroke: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and the individual medley. Time standards are established by USA Swimming and are designed to encourage swimmers to achieve personal best times, as well as offer swimmers a general idea of how they match up with other swimmers in their age group and between age groups. Time standards may also be used as cuts for swim meets.

Any swimmer receiving his or her first time standard in any stroke is eligible for a patch. A swimmer will not receive multiple patches for various distances of the same stroke (i.e. 50 Free, 100 Free, 200 Free, etc.).

If a swimmer has achieved a new time standard in a stroke and would like to receive their patch, please fill out the below information. A new form will need to be filled out for each time standard achieved. Once the information is reviewed and verified, the patch will be given to the swimmer at practice.

Please review the FAQ's below for common questions! Do you have additional questions? Don't hesitate to talk to your swimmer's coach or email Denise Telerico at

Great job! Go Stars!!


What do I do with my earned patches?

- If this is your 1st patch, request a metal ring with your patch and you can hang it on your swim bag. Some swimmers like to sew them on their swim bags or put them with their other swim ribbons and medals. You choose!

Do I have to request my patch immediately after my meet or can I wait?

- Some swimmers are excited and want their earned patches quickly. Others may request all their earned patches at the end of the season. It's up to you!

I achieved an "A" time standard for 50 freestyle at a meet and received my patch. At a later meet, I achieved an "A" time standard for 100 freestyle. Can I request another "A" Freestyle patch?

- No. You will receive one patch per stroke category (Free, Back, Breast, Fly, and IM), regardless of the distance, for each time standard achieved.

When I was 10, I achieved a B, BB and an A Backstroke patch. When I aged up from the 10 & Under age group to the 11-12 age group, can I start over with patch requests when I achieve the new age group time standards?

- No. Because most swimmers hang their patches on their bags or sew them on their bags, customarily, they do not want additional patches that are the same (ex. multiple B Freestyle patches).

Time Standards:
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