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Job application form
McGehee School District
409 Oak Street/P. O. Box 767
McGehee, AR 71654
Phone: (870) 222-3670 Fax: (870) 222-6957


A. Secure and complete application form and other required documentation. Your application will be
reviewed and placed in our active files (by position) for consideration. Applications should be
complete and include all information requested. Return application form and attachments to
McGehee School District, P. O. Box 767, McGehee, AR 71654. (or) via this form.

B. As positions become available, administrators and hiring committees will review applications on
file. A limited number of applicants will be interviewed.

C. Selected applicants will be recommended to the superintendent. This recommendation does not
imply automatic employment.

D. If you are not selected for employment, your application will remain in the school system’s files for
one year. After that, unless we hear from you, the application and all attachments will be

E. After you submit your application, it is not necessary to contact the school unless you want to
notify us of a change in your name, address, telephone number or credentials, or to request
withdrawal or renewal of your application.

F. If you wish to apply for a different vacancy, notify the school in writing of the position for which
you wish to apply.

G. The application and supplements become the property of the McGehee School District upon its
submission, and the applicant releases all rights to retrieve it or any portion of its contents.

H. If selected for employment, a non-criminal background check, a copy of your social security card,
birth certificate and driver’s license, and a TB skin test will be required.

I. If applicable to the job for which you may be selected, Arkansas Qualified Teacher documentation
will be required at the time of employment.

Professional Employment Application - Licensed Personnel
It is the policy of the McGehee Public Schools to recruit, hire, and promote persons in all job classifications without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age or handicap.
Position Applying for: *
Area of Certification(s), Grade Level(s) *
Position(s) Desired (Check all that apply) *
If Other - Specify
Last Name *
Middle Name *
First Name *
Date of Birth *
Present Address - Street *
City *
State *
Zip Code *
Primary Phone *
Secondary Phone
Email address *
Are you a citizen of the United State? *
Are you a veteran? *
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? *
If "Yes", please explain.
Are you listed on the Child Maltreatment Registry? *
Have you previously taught in the McGehee School District? *
If "Yes", what years and reason for leaving.
Are you employed at present? *
If "Yes" in what capacity? By Whom?
If "Yes", are you under Contract?
If under Contract date available for Work
Have you ever been released or requested to resign from a place of employment? *
If "Yes", please explain.
If employed Why do you wish to leave your present position?
Why do you wish to work here? *
What salary are you receiving now or at your last job?
Educational and Professional Background
High School and College or University
High School Attended *
High School Dates (From - To) *
High School Degree Awarded *
College or University Attended *
College or University Dates (From - To) *
College or University Degree Awarded *
College or University Major Subject *
College or University Minor Subject *
Check type of Arkansas Teaching Certificate you now hold or are eligible for:
If you hold a current certificate in another state provide the following:
(State, Type of Certificate, Exp. Date)
Experience: *
Internship/Student Teaching Experience (School, Address, Subject or Grade Level, Inclusive Dates (From - To)).
School/Institution: *
List all full-time paid teaching experience - beginning with your most recent position. If employed, you will be asked for verification of beginning and ending dates of employment by an official of each institution you have listed. (School/Institution, City, State, Grade or Subject(s), Dates (From - To), Total Years, Reason for Leaving).
References: *
These should be persons qualified to give information indicating their assessment of your ability to perform in the position you seek. Please include at least three principals, superintendents, or other supervisors. (Name, Address, Area Code/Phone Number, Official Position).
Original Statement: *
Write a brief statement, in your own words, describing what you consider to be your strengths as an educator.
Please attach your Resume and any other supporting documents (Document or PDF format). *
Digital Signature
Please submit a resume, data sheet, or vita as additional support for your pllication. An application is considered active when the personnel office has received this completed form, placement office credentials or reference sent directly from you references, all official transcripts, handwritten Original Statement, and copy of valid and appropriate Arkansas teaching certificate.

Applications are placed in the active file for one year. Each applicant must notify the personnel office in writing if he or she wants to have the application remain active following the one-year period. An on-site interview is required before hiring, unless specifically waived by the district.

*All Certified (Licensed) applicants must meet state licensure requirements.

Send resumes and completed application to address listed below unless stated otherwise on a specific job listing(s) posted at
Unsolicited employment contacts should direct inquires to the contact below:

McGehee School District
Attn: Kem Christmas, HR
P.O. Box 767
McGehee, AR 71654

McGehee School District (McGehee Public Schools) is an (EOE) Equal Opportunity Employer


I certify that the information given by me on this application and any supplement in true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that false statement on this application may result in termination of employment. I understand that I will be required to submit to a non-criminal background check, child maltreatment background check, coopy of your social security card, and birth certificate at the time of employment.

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