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The START RIGHT NOW Podcast: Guest Pre-Interview Questionnaire
Hello and welcome! As a potential future guest on the Start Right Now podcast, the questions below are meant as a guide to help both of us identify the elements of your story and your project that we want to highlight.

Your answers will help Chloe McKenzie create an outline for the interview so we can land your message and serve the listeners. Your responses will NOT be posted anywhere! Totally confidential.
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Your Name (as you would want to be referred for the show) *
Your Email Address *
Your Business, Organization and/or Project Name (referred to as PROJECT going forward). *
Where can listeners best connect with you? Ie: website, social media, etc. Please include your handles
Tell me about you! What makes you a great fit for the show? Share a bio, if you'd like,
Describe your PROJECT? What is it? What is the mission? *
Is there a particular product or offer from your PROJECT that you would like to promote within the episode?  At the end of the episode, you can call out whatever you would like to promote and where listeners can find you to connect with you directly
If you were a guest on the show, would you commit to sharing about the episode with your audience via social media or your email list? *
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