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Tell us what you think - Stockton Heath Festival 2018 Feedback
Thank you to everyone who made this year's Festival a great success. Feedback is very important to make sure that the Festival improves each year.

Please take 5 minutes to tell us what you thought about the 2018 Stockton Heath Festival. Thank you!

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Stockton Heath Festival 2018
1. How did you hear about the Festival (tick all that apply)? *
2. What was your favourite thing about the festival? *
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3. Which day(s) did you go to the Festival (tick all that apply)? *
4. How many events did you go to? *
5. Where did you come from to visit the Festival? *
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6. Each festival needs volunteers. Would you think about volunteering (yes or no). If no, why not? *
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7. Do you have any brief suggestions for improving the Festival? *
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8. Lastly, do you have any other comments about the 2018 Festival? *
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