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Teach a class through the Homeschool Cooperative
The Homeschool Cooperative 2020 is offering free synchronous online classes to kids of all ages! To see our current offerings, please go to

We are looking for people who are interested in volunteering to teach a class. We are EXTREMELY flexible. We believe that these classes allow kids to connect, give them something to do (that is scheduled and doesn't require parent participation), and are positive for the folks who are offering the classes (grown ups or kids).

Please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch about scheduling your class or classes! It could be a one-off or something that is ongoing! Email us at with any questions. Classes will be uploaded and confirmed within three days of filling out this form.

After your workshop/class/hangout is posted, please share widely within your networks. Also, please follow our Eventbrite page and sign up for alerts so that you can see what we post as we post it.
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Name of your class/workshop/hangout *
Who are YOU? Very short bio of yourself. Please write in third person. *
Age range for participants *
How long would you like the session to be. *
Generally, we are running them for an hour, but for littler kids, a 1/2 hour seems right.
Would you like this to be a one-time workshop, or would you like it to recur? *
Provide a link to an image that we can use on our Eventbrite page. (The image should be rectangular and landscape rather than square!) *
Please submit a rights-free image (jpg or png) to go with your class. This means either 1) a photograph you took yourself (preferred) or 2) from Google Images where you selected "Labeled for noncommercial reuse" under Tools --> Usage Rights.
Short Description (140 characters) *
Longer description *
Please add a longer description of between 2 and 5 sentences. Make it intriguing to the age group that is your target and include a sentence that says which age group you are aiming to engage.
Days/Times you are available ( with a start date of at least one week in advance). Please put all times in EASTERN time. *
How did you find out about this? *
Do you have a paid zoom account and can you host the meeting? NO PROBLEM if you don't. We can also host the meeting and will send you a link. *
Twitter handle?
We'll include your twitter handle in our tweets!
Facebook handle?
We'd like to tag you when we post our classes on Facebook if you have an account. Please "like" and "follow" so that we can tag you and add you as an organizer for your Facebook event.
Would you like to get involved in the Homeschool coop as a volunteer (uploading events to Eventbrite, helping us advertise and reach out to kids and potential teachers)? *
Can you come up with a few tags that we can use when we upload your class so that folks can find it? Thanks! *
Would you be interested in having someone help you run the zoom room while you teach the class? We have some volunteers that may be available to help. *
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