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Housing Unit Availability - PH/PSH
This form is for Permanent Housing/Permanent Supportive Housing Projects
Please create a Unique Identifier for this Housing Opportunity/Unit. This identifier can be created by your agency and will be used as a reference for client matching purposes and communications should we have any questions. The identifier can be up to 7 numerical/alphabetical characters long. *
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Organization *
Name of Project *
Agency Contact Name *
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Agency Contact Phone Number *
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Agency Contact Email *
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Type of Project *
Subsidy Type *
What Service Planning Area (SPA) will the unit be located in? *
City where vacancy is located *
Does this vacancy require the tenant to be a resident of a particular city? *
What is the Unit #? *
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What is the Unit Size? *
Is this a unit of shared housing? *
If yes to shared housing, What is the gender of current resident?
What kind of tenants does this unit require? *
Does this unit accept persons with felonies? *
If some units accept some felonies, enter the limitations (i.e. non-violent, no sales, etc) in "other"
Does this unit allow non-accompaniment pets? *
What is the amount of security deposit required? If no security deposit required, enter $0. *
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Do you have available resources that could help supplement the cost for the security deposit? *
What supportive services are attached to this unit? *
Is this a new unit or a turnover unit? *
If it is a turnover unit, is it from someone placed through CES? *
Are there additional eligibility criteria beyond the subsidy type requirements? *
Is/Will the unit be furnished by you? *
When will the unit be available for moving in? *
What are the applicable characteristics of this unit? Please select all that apply. *
Is this opportunity for an "Individual" or a "Family" *
If this opportunity is a unit, what is the maximum capacity that would be allowed to live there?
What other funding requirements does this unit have (that were not covered in earlier questions?” *
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